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July 4, 2017


Three Brothers Café – Campus Dining Service Concept began in the early 1990s when local private schools would contact Three Brothers Italian Restaurant to provide their delicious and famous pizza for their students’ lunch one day a week due to the fact that many private schools lacked sufficient commercial kitchen space to prepare some meals. As popularity grew among the students, parents and schools, the menu grew to include calzones, strombolis and various pasta dishes.

As our concept grew, Three Brothers Italian Restaurants spun off that program and gave it a team of dedicated trained food service professionals to better handle the influx of schools and inquires. After many years of research and development, Three Brothers Café came up with three distinctive services to our partners; Cafeteria Management, Serve & Go and Drop & Go. Every partner school is individually assessed and a unique program is developed in accordance with the needs and expectations of that particular institution. We encourage input from parents, students and staff to have a very inclusive and diverse dining experience.

Three Brothers Café is a local company rooted in the communities we serve. We have partnered with various local prestigious educational institutions to provide delicious restaurant quality meals to over 3,500 students on an average school day.

Why Three Brothers Café - Campus Dining Service?

Communication & Support

Lead by Gregg Repole (Concept Operations & Development), we are just a phone call or email away. Gregg is a hands on operator and can be seen throughout the various institutions providing support to the kitchen and partner staff. He answers all questions, comments or concerns personally and timely. He communicates with all Café Managers daily to maintain a high standard of operations.

To contact Gregg please visit our Contact page.

Experienced & Certified Food Professionals

All staff, whether working onsite or off is highly trained in food safety and handling procedures. Three Brothers Café provides a dedicated Café Manager to serve as a liaison between the institution’s staff and kitchen staff for a clear line of communication. The Café Manager is a Food Certified Professional and is always available onsite to answer any questions. We manage all cafeteria staff from the hiring process to payroll.

Meal Planning & Development

All menus are developed in conjunction with the institutions input. Our goal is to provide delicious and nutritious restaurant quality meals to our guests daily. Along with the day’s specialty meal, other healthier alternative menu items such as salads, wraps and fruit options are available and made fresh daily.

Food Allergens & Safety

With today’s better awareness of food allergens, Three Brothers Café is committed to providing at risk students with delicious options that are prepared with the individuals restrictions in mind. Please note that we need all allergen information and a 7 day notice to plan ahead a proper meal plan. Specialty items are prepared separately and before regular lunch service to prevent any cross-contamination.

Three Brothers Italian Restaurants

The story of Three Brothers Restaurants is a first rate American success story. In 1976, three sons of a hard-working Italian family moved the family business from Brooklyn, New York to Greenbelt, Maryland to make good on their father’s dreams of success. After over 35 years of hard work, one family restaurant has grown into a thriving Multi-unit Corporation . Originally from Rapone, Italy, Michael, Mario and Peter Repole have participated in every part of the business – from using family recipes for making their famous sauce and entrees to developing both in-center and free standing Three Brothers Restaurants.

The original Greenbelt, Maryland location is still a thriving operation, and remains the companies highest volume store. Many of its existing customers are children and grandchildren of people that have been served by Three Brothers Restaurants since the beginning. This reinforces the notion of family, which the company tries to create in its customers and employees.  To learn more about Three Brothers Italian Restaurants, please visit